SIST Receives Death Threats?

Window shot at Spirit of the Northwoods Gift and Decor shop Showano WI

This morning, the day after Independence Day, a day where we celebrate our alleged freedoms, liberties, and equality, a live 22-caliber round was found outside the backdoor at the People’s Express Main gas station. This is not the first time live rounds have been found outside the doors of SIST businesses. To SIST and it’s associates this is a message received, loud and clear. You have been warned.

Bullets have been found outside SIST businesses numerous times, and they have also been been fired through the windows. In one case, the police came in their Gestapo fashion and lied to an SIST representative that the bullet hole was caused by two measly plastic BB’s found outside the window! Any dumbbell could figure out that if there is a hole in the window, clearly the projectile was not some puny plastic BB’s. And if we go with the official story, then how could the BB’s be located on the sidewalk outside the building?? Certainly they didn’t go into the building, ricochet off the walls, and then park nicely outside the windows waiting for the Shawano Gestapo to make their amazing “discovery”.

Who were the Shawano Gestapo covering up for? Their imperial Lutheran Leader, and former Mayor, Lorna Marquardt? Furthermore, in another incident an SIST board member was shot at as he was turning into his home driveway. This is attempted assassination! The windows of his vehicle were shattered, and by a sheer miracle his life was spared. Is it not natural then that SIST personnel should be concerned when finding this bullet? What can be expected next? Murder?

There was a hit-list scandal propagated against SIST by Lorna. Lorna accused SIST of creating a hit-list against Shawano officials. In reality it is SIST who has suffered threats, violence, vandalism, and harassment from the City! Lorna herself faxed the hitlist. Her office number was on the header! In addition, Lorna has advocated for boycotts against SIST and personally directed business interference, including promoting an endless barrage of slanderous media campaigns against SIST.

SIST’s founder is a businessman from India who started his organization in the middle of an all-white Neo-Nazi German Lutheran town. These Neo-Nazi German Lutherans have been hostile to the Indian businessman from day one because he would not convert to their religion. They cannot tolerate that a foreigner and non-Christian is successful. This was proven when SIST brought millions of dollars worth of revenue to the City of Shawano in the form of its shining star, the USA International Raceway, Kiryat Hotel, and others. But the Neo-Nazi City officials have repeatedly exhibited their racial prejudice and vehement hatred by perpetrating countless acts of terror against SIST, their greed overriding their logic.

When the SIST founder settled in Shawano he was instantly targeted for religious and racial discrimination and harassment. His wife was nearly hit by bullets fired through their front window, aimed with the intent to KILL! These records were destroyed by Lorna and her Neo-Nazi collaborators. The harassment only compounded after that. A bomb exploded in the field near SIST headquarters and there have been endless drive-bys with people screeching and hollering, yelling vulgar and derogatory remarks at all hours of day and night.

Live Ammunition found at People's Express Main gas station in Shawano WI

Live rounds have also been found outside this property, more indications of the vitriol against SIST and a threat to the very lives of anyone who would dare associate with SIST. Things were so oppressive, SIST had no alternative than to have people constantly watching the property. SIST personnel have various projectiles such as beer bottles, eggs, tomatoes, and other (at times lethal) objects hurled at their vehicles. Multiple car windows of SIST associates have been smashed, both at SIST headquarters and at SIST businesses. One Neo-Nazi gangster sent by their imperial Lutheran Leader Lorna even put a tire iron through the windshield of an SIST associate’s car while she was sitting in it! Is this not life threatening?

Throughout all this harassment, SIST has NEVER raised a finger against a single Shawano official or resident. Their only defense has been to report what has occurred in the past, and what is still taking place to this day. The persecution SIST has endured at the hands of these German Lutherans, whose ancestors were the likes of Martin Luther and Adolf Hitler, is eerily similar to those endured by the Jews in Germany during the Holocaust. Specifically, one of the first things Hitler did upon taking control of a country in Europe was to forbid all non-Jews from doing business with Jews. Next, Jewish businesses were either closed or stolen and taken over by Hitler’s Nazi gangsters and their collaborators. From there, more and more liberties were taken away from the Jews until eventually they were led to the gas chambers and slaughtered by the thousands, until 28 million men, women, and children perished in this brutal fashion. However, this was such a gradual process that most Jews did not even realize what was happening to them until it was too late. When reports began surfacing that Hitler was gassing and burning the Jews in extermination camps, they were disregarded. The Jewish people of Europe could not believe that in the 20th century, in progressive Germany of all places, such a wholesale, mass murder was possible. Similarly, SIST did not expect to experience this treatment in the United States. The same progression of events that happened in Nazi Germany is occurring today in Shawano, WI against SIST, and it must not be taken lightly.

To all of those that would say it is over-reacting to connect Nazi Germany to SIST’s experiences at the hands of the Lutheran Neo-Nazi Shawano city officials, consider this: Under former Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, citizens of Shawano were told not to shop or do business at SIST stores and businesses. Those that disobeyed were repeatedly harassed until they wouldn’t go back for fear of their own lives and livelihoods. For example, when the Kiryat Hotel was owned by SIST, guests would be pulled over by the Shawano Gestapo as they left the parking lot, in this way intimidating them so they wouldn’t return.

Moreover, these Neo-Nazi German Lutherans have done everything in their power to illegally hinder SIST businesses from obtaining the appropriate licenses to operate. Finally, they have also stolen millions of dollars worth of properties from SIST. What next? Will they now start rounding up all those who work at and patronize SIST businesses and shoot them? The Jews in Germany never imagined they would perish in the gas chambers. What do these Neo-Nazi German Lutheran bastards have in mind for SIST? Crematoria?? Or will they be hauled to the forest and shot and buried in mass graves? Or will they follow a more modern day example and just fire bomb SIST headquarters, filling it with gas and obstructing the occupants’ exit, picking off those who try to escape with snipers like they did at WACO, Texas in 1993.

What SIST has discovered is, you only have “liberty” if you subscribe to the Christian gospel. You are only “free” if you follow the dictates of the Christian culture. And you only see justice if you pay your dues to their churches.

Be aware of and take action against these Christian Lutheran missionaries who are persecuting one of your own in a supposedly free and independent country. You must not wait until it is too late and SIST with all of its properties, businesses, and personnel have been burned and crushed to the ground!

Post by: name withheld for security reasons, July 25, 2017.

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